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Plan Your start!


The location of the base of the event is in Stronie Śląskie

Access to the Stronie Slaskie can be reached by car:
from Klodzko (POL) - about 30 km
from Nachod (CZE) - about 70 km
Travel by car:
from Wroclaw  (POL) lasts 2 hours
from Prague (CZE) - 3 hours
- from Frankfurt am Main (GER) - 8 hours
- from Viena (AUT) - 4 hours

The nearest airports:
Wroclaw (POL)
Prague (CZE)
Every year we organize transport before and after the event, both at the airport in Prague (Czech Republic) and Wroclaw (Poland). Depending on your needs we adjust means of transport, we carry from 4 to 30 people with bikes and luggage. Details of transport we set after sending details to the following address: or, including:
- date and time of arrival
- number of people
- amount of luggage
- date and time of departure

Which bike is suitable for Sudety MTB Challenge

This question is probably asked by everyone who wants to face a real mountain stage. Sudety MTB Challenge is a specific event that does not favour one type of bike. Probably an enduro machine is too much for these routes. Specific, smooth, single-track routes will make the lightweight trail bike or full XC  work perfectly here. As usual, adjustable saddlepole will not hurt, but just on the local routes will not be indispensable.

​Physical preparation

Each participant in the event should be adequately prepared for the competition, with particular emphasis on general physical fitness supported by typical cycling strength and endurance. The contestant taking part in the Sudety MTB Challenge must be aware that between 22-26 July 2024 he will spend several hours a day "on the saddle", driving, depending on the selected distance, from about 40 km to about 70 with the uphills ranging from 1000 to almost 2000 m at the stage. Some sections will require greater commitment and concentration from the participant, all in order to ride at a certain pace and comfort on different quality routes (single trail, gravel road or hiking trail). After-workout regeneration, e.g. sports massage, stretching, rolling will be highly recommended and recommended.

Classic or Adventure distance

Every year we pose new challenges to our competitors and they experience new attractions. With each edition, the range of routes covers an ever wider area of the Sudety Mountains. Challenge is a great fun of driving and satisfaction of winning with yourself, the route, the Sudety. Here, one often wins by willpower, and physical crises are overcome by mental resilience. The shortened distance of this stage race (Adventure) is to encourage less experienced to taste the Sudety riding. Those who have not been able to compete in Challenge so far will be able to get to know the Sudety Mountains on their own skin, from this good side, without pulling their own strings.

Enjoy the ride

Taking part in the MTB stage race is a very good stimulant for your "inner fire". Racing for several days in a row in a new place with new people can be a unique event for a whole bunch of MTB fans. The problem is that many races of this type in Europe are similar to each other - they are held in a scenery where the effects of human activity can be seen quite clearly. The routes are largely regulated, relatively easy to follow. Of course, the elevation or slope do "their job", but sometimes it is simply not enough, especially if we do it some time in a row. The good news is that some races are breaking out of this pattern. Participating in one of these races is a challenge for every type of racer - no matter if he is a world champion or just a biker looking for a unique challenge. The Sudety MTB Challenge belongs to this group of events.
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