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Where is the race located?
The location of the event is concentrated around one town - Stronie Śląskie
You can easily reach the start of the event in Stronie Śląskie via A4 motorway and national road no. 8. The location makes it easy to reach even from the other end of the world. Efficient access by motorways and national roads from international airports in Wroclaw (100km), Prague (200km), Dresden (350km) and Warsaw (450km) will facilitate travel from afar. Of course, we can help you organize the transfer from the airport to the start of the Event in Stronie.  For over 15 years we have been supporting you in your travels to and from the most distant corners of the world.
Weather during the competition.
The season of the year provides quite stable weather in this area. For years, the temperatures during the race have been around 24-28 degrees Celsius. Fortunately, the occasional rainfall never took over the dominant role during the whole race.
Is the accommodation included in the buy-in price - entry fees?
Accommodation is a paid and extra option. We give you the opportunity and help you to find a comfortable and suitable accommodation for you during the event. Details of all accommodation options are available by sending e-mail.
Can the accompanying person use the options available to the contestants?
Absolutely. We can individually determine the cost and the extent to which the accompanying person will want to use the additional options offered by us, such as accommodation, meals or travel support.
Do you also organize other MTB events?
"Sudety MTB Challenge" is the oldest stage race in Poland and one of the oldest in the world. We have been organising "Strefa MTB Trophy" for 19 years now - conditionally demanding, enriched with the truest sections of the MTB Stages. Our next stage race is "Mouflon Tracks" - it will debut in August 2021. "Mouflon Tracks" is a 4 day of racing in a slightly lighter but exciting formula, mostly on single-track routes located near Stronie Śląskie and Lądek Zdrój.

Will the roads be closed during the race?
No. The race takes place in open traffic with the security of the organizer so that you can feel our support and security. No sections of trails or roads are specially closed or deactivated for the duration of our event. We ask you to maintain safety and respect for other road users and mountain trails.
I want to come to the event alone and have no support from outside. Can I manage?
Do not be afraid. An event is not only about routes and racing. We are here to help you solve every "racing" problem. Medical protection, buffets on the track, service support on the stages and in the race town. Packages: regeneration, bike service, accommodation or transfers. All this tested on our races for almost 20 years, will be available and customized for you on the "Sudety MTB Challenge".

What bike will be suitable for the Sudety MTB Challenge?
It's a good idea to ask yourself this question if you want to face the "MTB Challenge Sudetes" for the first time. Although balanced in terms of the required physical form, the "Challenge" has been the most technically difficult MTB stage in Poland for years. Downhill runs, traverses and uphill stretches, although not murderous, are definitely different from what is standard on MTB marathon routes in our country. In addition to properly trained "legs", on the routes of the "Sudetes" can pay off experience and a suitable bike. Lightweight Trail bike (120-130mm jump) seems to us to be the perfect choice for the local routes. If you think about the top positions and the fast pace of uphill riding, a good Full XC will do the right thing. If Hardtail, it's definitely armed with wide tyres and wide steering wheel, which together will provide a minimum of control and comfort over long, technical distances. One thing we're sure of! Regardless of which bike you choose for the "Sudetes MTB Challenge", the seatpost "DROPPER" type  will add wings to everyone during the conquering of numerous, often original technical sections!
What should I take with me on the trail?
The "Sudety MYB Challenge" routes are very demanding. We support you on the route of the race, but technical or medical service is not able to be immediately at any point. That is why you yourself must be equipped with the necessary minimum equipment. Remember that the Sudety Mountains are mountains whose face changes in the blink of an eye in the weather. We will never leave you alone on the track, but you must be ready to fight off the first attack of unforeseen circumstances, which can always happen during a race in the mountains.
The minimum you must always keep in mind is this:
  • clothes adapted to the weather forecast
  • 1,5-2 l isotonic drink
  • a few energy gels/batons
  • multitool with the tools you need to keep your bike running smoothly
  • your own pump and spare tubes
  • a fully charged mobile phone
Don't just rely on buffets and service areas located on stage routes!

What service is available at the start/metre?
After each stage there will be a regeneration buffet, a bike wash point and a bicycle service waiting for you. If you have a problem or question - we will be available to help you and answer it.

Is the race available for cyclists of all levels?
The "Sudety MTB Challenge" is a race in which experience and good form will help you to overcome it. The level of difficulty of the stages, their length and the number of exceedances on each of them allow those who regularly practice sports and did not get on a mountain bike "yesterday" to think realistically about finishing the whole race. For over 10 years we have been realizing specific assumptions concerning the routes of "Sudety MTB Challenge". Conveniently demanding and technically original. However, we reassure those who want to try to start and are not sure of their abilities. Apart from the full distance Classic, for the last 4 years we have been offering a test of ourselves on lighter routes - "Challenge" in the variant of "Adventure" routes. If you already have experience in MTB marathons and at least one full season on a bike, try it.If you're still not sure, ask! We will always honestly help you and together we will assess your abilities.
Is time measured during the race?
Of course. The results and driving time of each competitor will be available in the competition town and on the website of our event after the end of each stage of the race.
Despite the time measurement you do not have to give in to the pressure of competition. You can only start in order to experience the adventure on the mountain routes during a well-prepared MTB event.

Is the race protected by medical staff?
The race is operated by an experienced medical team. Rescuers are located in key places on the race route. Rescuers in the medical point at the finish line, in ambulances and GOPR rescuers are present every day.  Nevertheless, we count on your help if you are a witness or a victim of an accident. Keep your mobile phone with you and you can quickly dial our emergency number (our emergency phone number) +48 508 833 750 

Can I count on assistance in repairing my bike during the race?
Of course. We have been using the same proven mechanics on our MTB races for years. During each day of racing they will be available in a sensitive area of the route to provide you with immediate and free of charge mechanical assistance. After the completion of the stage they can take care of your equipment as part of the previously purchased service package or solve a specific problem with the equipment at once. Repairs and service after the stage and all spare parts are paid for on a commercial basis. Mechanics have a lot of standard spare parts at their disposal, but all unusual and fast-wearing bike components should be carried by the participant. 
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