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- MAN - two male riders in a team
- WOMAN - two female riders in a team
- MIX - male and female in a team
- MASTERS - team of two riders whose cumulative ages exceed 80 years.
- MASTERS 100 - team of two riders whose cumulative ages exceed 100 years.

SOLO MAN (individual):
M1 - men born in 1993-2004
M2 - men born in 1984-1992
M3 - men born in 1973-1982
M4 - men born in 1972 and older

SOLO WOMAN (indyvidual)
W1 - women born in 1983 - 2004
W2 - women born in 1982 and older

Something really special ...

For the past 18 years the Sudety MTB Challenge has gained fame of one of the most unique MTB stage races in the world. This fame has grown mainly thanks to the trails that we use to compose the course of the race. Comparing to other well known European races, we have more free hand in choosing the places that the riders will ride through (with 100% respect for the nature!). The search for new segments have already started, so we will keep you updated about the status of this quest.
Comments from the participants from all over the globe is clear - the experience on our race is totally special and unmistakable. The trails are what attracts newcomers and what let the riders, seeking the true MTB, experience above-average emotions!
“This is the best stage race in Europe that I have done so far and is in the top 5 for hardest in the world. I loved all the technical and steep descents here too! You had to be able to climb and descend well. Poland did not disappoint!!” - this is what Canadian Sonya Looney had to say after finishing this year’s edition.

Route marking

We attach great importance to the marking of our routes. We leave nothing to chance in this field. The route is clearly and uniformly marked from the first to the last kilometer and checked before the start of the competitors.
Both the competitor who wants to move all the time at a racing pace on uphill and downhill stretches and the loose trail rider have to feel sure that they are still on the course of our race. Not a single turn or side road will be missed in our signposting. Bad weather, a quick descent with a poorly visible single reflection, or your physical fatigue...

We take all this into account when we do the marking. In corners, behind turns or on long straights with crossroads - our signs will always confirm that you're driving well. If you have made a manoeuvre and for a long time (250-300 meters) you can't see the signs that are characteristic for our competitions, make sure you're going well.

Having a current GPX track will certainly help a lot. If you don't have one, try to get back on the track calmly in order to consult with the other athletes and make sure you're on the right route.
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